Thursday, December 3, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

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I have had a night to think about Obama's decision and strategy for Afghanistan and I think John Cole at Balloon Juice pretty much nails it on the head. You can read it here, I, like Cole, don't think there is much to accomplish in Afghanistan. The waning years, the dithering years by the previous administration has left us stagnant. The opportunities we had have left us and any hope for a solid political partner in Afghanistan is skeptical at best. Call me cynical that's fine. I do wish that the Dems and Repubs had vehemently questioned the Bushites about the Iraq war the same way they have been with Obama's administration and Afghanistan. We probably would have avoided this all together. Of course by saying that I have just put my self on the radar for the DHS, CIA and FBI...I am so unpatriotic.

Here are your highlights:

Sen. Bernie Sanders is Fed Up with teh Fed

Health Care Debate in the Senate, more wrangling on the public option...

America without a Middle Class, Elizabeth Warren op-ed and why she is the most important person to any American not making millions and billions of dollars

The New Civil Rights Division vs. the Old Civil Rights Division, here's a hint the new one is actually living up to its name

Obama is holding his jobs summit, but the issue at hand is really this, WE DON'T CARE ABOUT THE DEFICIT UNLESS PEOPLE GET JOBS, KEEP JOBS AND YOU KNOW CAN LIVE WITHOUT THE WORRY OF LOSING THEIR JOB, so fuggin stupid.


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