Thursday, November 5, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

Hello world and universe. Yep I got sick after the lady got sick and so I am home sucking on Halls, watching god awful teevee and laying in bed. Well actually typing at this point, but bear with me I am under the weather and my head doesn't quite make sense. Yesterday I stayed home and in and the lady and I were together in our sickness. But we did watch "Away We Go" with John KarriwhatchafromtheOffice and Maya Rudolph. A pleasantly surprising film. So that is the one highlight I got...still sick, throat feels like it's being choked by "freedom fighters" and without further ado...

Here are your highlights:

Palin 2012

The GOP Plan has been revealed and it DOES NOTHING!!! So can we just admit already, including them in reform is a waste of time...

Lady and I will be in DC next weekend, our habit is to have flight delays. So we should be luggage SOFAS!

Matsui win the MVP oh yeah and the Yankees won the World Series...again

Wingnuttia's Red State Commander with the insane quote of the day

Hooraay! After who knows how long, the stupidity that is the Senate decided to extend benefits to the unemployed, you know those people without jobs, who need jobs, but still need income to feed their families. It amazes me the delay on this issue, ultimately it was 98-0...WHAT A PIECE OF PARTISAN HACKERY! The teabaggers will of course will be angry about this wasteful spending and gubbament takeover


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