Friday, November 6, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Friday

So I have survived the assault from the "lady virus" and am back to the blogosphere. As I was watching the tube with my lady and enjoying some delicious snacks word broke of the Ft. Hood shootings. Of course the sphere as been a blaze with speculations, new stories and supposed stories about the shooter or shooters. It is all elementary at this point as Greenwald points out, however our thoughts should be with the families at Ft. Hood deeply effected by this terrible tragedy. It might be months before we have an true picture of what transpired...

Here are your highlights:

To lighten the mood, Safe Now ( h/t Paddy K)

Part-Time for Economic Reasons - note to Congress pick up a history book and read about the GREAT DEPRESSION thanks bunches Frank

My new phone, the Droid!

This didn't take too long, the Oppression of Whitey

SAVES THE DAY, new song

The Teabagger Fail 2009 is complete, the whopping crowd of 400 million showed up *cough 4,000 or so. It was complete with Holocaust, socialist, and Kenyan references including a bit of irony when a person suffered a heart attack as was treated by gubbament health care...


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