Friday, July 10, 2009

Right Wings sued by Red Wings

The Detroit Socialist Presses of Democracy is reporting that Tea Party Tea Baggers in Michigan are being sued by the Detroit Wings for copyright infringement. The Michigan Tax Tea Party has been selling shirts with a similar logo of the NHL team with the phrase “Right Wing and Proud Real American.” The Red Wings are threatening to sue the Tax Tea goers, but so far the no tax group is none too happy.

“We ain’t listening to no liberal team of socialists. HITLERS!” declared an anonymous tea bagger. The Right Wing group is claiming that the Red Wings is run by Stalin, a politician who has been dead for nearly 50 years. Fred Redstate had this to say in regards to the lawsuit, “It is just simple Obama propaganda trying to sue us for no good reason other than to tax us later with legal fees, liberty can’t be taxed take that Obamao!”

The Red Wings have requested the Tax Tea Party to pay to either pay for copyright use or quit selling the shirts at local gun shows and teabagger events. So far the Tax Tea Party is defiant. Yesterday they protested outside, the Detroit Joe Louis Arena.

"whispering freedom"

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