Monday, July 13, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Monday

Teh above is a video of Brand New playing a new song live, the idiot yelling "take your shirt off" probably finds himself funny.

What a quick weekend! Saw the Hangover, solid it also included my favorite comedian Zach Galifinakis, so perhaps I was bias, dude is funny. The weather is perfect today in Chi and I gots tons of work to ignore. YES! For those of you in the know Tuesday we will be participating in Drinking Liberally come on out and enjoy the company of socialist, pinko, democrats drinking in unity. Anybody know a good doctor or a good health care provider? I am fed up with mine.

Here are your highlights:

Ezra Klein examines, What is the Stimulus Doing? and the Human Cost of Cuts

Green Lantern is Ryan Reynolds- phew dodged a bullet, better than JT being the Green Lantern, Reynolds will make a decent Hal Jordan, but he would have been a better Flash

N. Korea's Kim Jong Il is well ill

Palin might be starting something I can believe in, splitting the Republican Party into Republicans and the bat shiz crazies

GoLeft TV and HeadzUp give us the week in Cartoons

Goldman Sachs should piss everyone off, this and the events to come will be brutal, Taibbi and Greenwald told me so

Finally accountability, accountability and everyone wants accoutability. Let's just face up to the facts that have become abundandtly clear, Darth Cheney illegally concocted a torture regime for eight years and used the moronic G-Dub to push through everything blindly. People died because of it and without reason.


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