Monday, July 13, 2009

So much for "Fair and Balanced"

Because political differences should be solved by snipers...

David Neiwert at Crooks and Liars has more

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

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Paddy K said...

Okay, thank God I read the Crooks & Liars article, because I was a bit unsure of what you were going for here. Implications of violence towards abortion providers is wrong, I'm with you there.

However, the content of the segment is quite interesting. Abortion providers are happy to claim "THIS IS LEGAL" when it suits them, but as this woman's undercover work has shown, Planned Parenthood has no problem side-stepping the law when it suits them. They resent any restriction on abortion WHATSOEVER and therefore feel entitled to ignore when a 14-year old girl says she wants to abort a 31-year old's child.

So, when outraged by the killing of an abortion doctor, they scream, "He was performing a LEGAL medical procedure!" and then they turn around and flaunt the law when confronted with statuatory rape. You can't have it both ways.