Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fix News!

I Frank Chow today made a great accomplishment. I read FOX News online and didn’t yell at my computer screen. Nov. 11, 2008 a date that will live forever famously. Oh wait went back GOSH DARNIT HOODY WINKY POOP FACES! “Obama Chic: What’s on the Menu?” Are you friggin KIDDING ME?!!! GW and his wife are considered not “chic” even though they throw health books at the chefs, yet Obama who doesn’t have menu yet is considered “chic.” Curse you FOX News you are worse than watching Japanese Bugs fighting in glass cages. I implore you to once a day just once post an unbiased headline or story; it could even be about peanuts. But as I say that I can definitely foresee the headline “Peanuts for Obama? ACORN Voter Fraud Charlie Brown, Linus and Lucy all voted in Swing-States.” I give up.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

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