Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy 60th Birthday Mom

My Mom would be 60 today. I miss her the same as I did when she passed away almost 13 years ago. I used to take today off from work, try to find some way to get away from my thoughts, family and distract myself. I realized that the more I celebrate how she lived, the more I talk about her, the better I feel. And that's part of it.

This year I'll be getting married. It's one of those milestones I always thought my mom would be present for...I haven't quite figured out how to tip my hat to her during the ceremony...

Today though Mom would be 60. A young, funny and vibrant 60. Undoubtedly she'd be in the kitchen, listening to the Beverly Hills soundtrack or Kenny Loggins and making sure we set the table properly for the day's feast. I'm sure Dad would have brought home Chinese food and the fireplace would be just active enough to make us nervous. We'd each be assigned tasks and argue playfully who would do what and when. Mom would direct traffic with her wooden spoon calling us out by our full names. A joke here. A stern look there. Each one of us in a chaotic harmony. Mom in control of it all. That was Mom, the center of our universe without ever making us feel like she was, it takes a special person to accomplish such a feat with a Danny Devito like husband, three boys, and a darling girl.

Like I said I miss her ever the same.

If you have a second, visit the Christ Elliott Fund for Glioblastoma Brain Cancer Research page. Make a donation, post a story, tell your mom you love her and you'll always be there for her. Cancer sucks.

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