Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

Well I've got three days to get the apartment tidy for my lady. She's rockin out in Chicago for a work conference, going to Cubs games and tough stuff like I'm meeting up with a friend to watch a game show, should be good times. I've hopped back into Insanity, I say hopped because I'm not sure if I can every fully commit like the lady and I did last year. Perhaps it's because we know all the routines now or because I don't feel like getting injured again...probably both. I'm all over the place today and the coffee hasn't even kicked in! Lastly major props to the Wisconsin Democratic Party, the Unions, activists and organizers. Unseating two incumbents in Republican districts is a monumental accomplishment. As I said yesterday well done!

Here are your highlights:

David Cameron readies to fight back against rioters...this should end well

So if you have a kooky idea, but are Christian you can get a major tax break!

BLS: Job Openings "essentially unchanged" in June

This confuses me, World's Longest Scooter, I mean is it even a scooter anymore?

STOP THE STUPID! Obama never had real Democratic majorities...why? Claire McCaskill with a clear example. These Blue Dogs get in the way all the damn time.


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