Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

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Okay I said my piece yesterday, now give yourselves a week and get over it. Time to move on. It's clear that some emo progs never liked Obama in the first place and so all of this just confirms their raging bias towards the man...we've got to do better. And better means jobs. To reiterate, demand jobs, we "fixed" the deficit right? The Confidence Fairy should be feeling pretty darn good right about now which means onto jobs. Those things that bring in revenue, spur growth and you know get us out of the mess everyone keeps complaining about. After that be willing to let the Bush Tax Cuts, all of them, expire. It's a 2012 sticking point. I'm not ready to hand the country over to Romney or Bachmann and yes there is a BIG DIFFERENCE between Obama and those two or any Republican candidate for that matter. It's not difficult to discern.

Here are your highlights:

White House adopts new preventive services for women

Must read: Another Take, on the debt ceiling deal

Chat with NFCEast blogger, Dan Graziano

Maybe the electorate is having buyers' remorse from 2010...

Worst person ever, Pamela Geller, justifying the Norwegian killer because the camp had "mixed race and brown people". Fucking disgusting.

The idea that our political system is broken is a common theme amongst casual observers. Steve Benen points out, we don't have a political system problem, we have a Republican party problem.


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