Monday, August 1, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Monday

Get your fans out folks! Start wafting some air your way! The Progressives have the vapors! Teabaggers want blood!

Last night it seems the Senate, the House and the President reached a debt deal. An austerity plan that is supposed to show that at the very last minute possible with the debt ceiling on the line we can trash programs and ask poor people to bear the burden. UHMERIKA!! The deal is yet to be fully finalized, however a lot of it is out in the news and it's bad. Bad for both sides, but don't forget it's always bad for the President and even worse for progressives. So fan away!

Why is it bad for progressives? Well it's actually not bad for progressives, it's bad for our economy (and progressives seem to be the only ones who care about the economy). Austerity doesn't work. We know that. It's bad for the economy because any serious deficit reduction plan can't be cuts only. Yet the plan that was struck has cuts only and a SUPER DUPER CONGRESSIONAL COMMITTEE...I shit you not. Another commission. David Brooks is touching himself right now to the idea...I digress.

Looking at the deal there are some things to be happy about, remember when everyone was screaming that Obama had sold out Medicare and Social Security, well it looks like he didn't. CONSOLATION! *Sigh that should be basic Dem non-negotiable. BUT WHAT ABOUT THE CUTS?! Well, if you look at it, the major cuts don't come till later. So that's good. Yes we can thank Jeebus, the numbers they are talking about aren't across the board now. That's what the Teabaggers wanted and they didn't get it. Also too, debt ceiling raised. *Double Sigh. We shouldn't have to be at this point, but one party is made up of sociopaths and they know they can blow up the whole damn town because of how our gubbament is set up.

So what now? Well instead of huffing and puffing (I do hope the primary crowd gets themselves together) progressives need to start a movement. Jobs. Job creation. March if you have to because right now the only ones being heard are the ones with guns to the hostages' heads. And no this isn't all Obama's fault. The way I see it, he's the last line of defense against Blue Dogs handing over the country on a platter with a side of ribs to the crazies who don't really care about Americans, but only destroying America as we know it.

Finally the reason why the Winners and Losers thing is stupid is because no one in the media is talking about how this whole fucking fiasco is a loss for the American people. 9% unemployment and these asshats can't even put one highway project together. Such fail, such fucking fail.


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