Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

Today is my last day at work. FUCK YES! It's finally here and I can't wait for the next journey my lady and I embark on. It's been a trying past three years at my position. I can honestly say I won't miss it. I won't miss the phone calls, the rude customers, the unappreciative and cold work environment, the office politics and most of all it was never wanted I wanted to do with my life. It did, however afford me the opportunity to get back into acting. If it weren't for the helpful European vacation schedule, I wouldn't have had the time to audition for my first break. It also paid for my sweet photoshop skillz, so I guess we both got something out of it. They had another rotating cog and I can make a mockery of Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin! WIN! We are packing up our stuff the next two days. Crazy. Stuff goes on the truck to Santa Monica on Saturday. It's all happening.

Here are your highlights:

Obama walks the tight rope and speaks about the Middle East

I'm so never getting prostate cancer (knock on wood) Coffee May Lower Risk of Deadliest Prostate Cancer

Not convinced, the Catholic Church says the hippies made priests child molesters

Think of the Children
- always hear this argument, but never seems to be the case

Rahm Emanuel is now mayor doing mayoral things like nonsense budget cuts

Support Goodwin Liu! After a year of Republican extremism Goodwin Liu's nomination might come to vote. As Angry Asian Man states, Asian-Americans are "underrepresented" and on top of that Liu has the potential to be on the Supreme Court down the road. However, it means more to the country as a whole that the likes of Goodwin Liu are serving, he is a liberal voice to the Roberts Court. And that is something we need badly.


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