Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

Well tomorrow I go on a work trip to LA. Yes I've put in my two weeks, however when I put the notice in my employer had no readily available back-up. I guess I surprised them...which means I fly out tomorrow, conduct a seminar the following day and fly back to Chicago that same night. It's far more romantic doing a trip like that when you're George Clooney. I will be, most likely, miserably squished between two people on a four hour flight. I'm debating bringing the laptop and watching Firefly the whole time just to infuse my nerdiness upon those I'll be bumping elbows with.

Here are your highlights:

Senate confirms Edward Chen, it only took 600 days!

The Washington Wizards get a much needed redesign, better, but why so many variables?

Job openings increased in March

Picking Sides: Star Wars Propaganda Posters

The Speaker of the House is Speaking a Crazy

Obama's approval rating jumps to 60%
. Nate Silver breaks down what the killing of bin Laden does to Obama's numbers in the long run. It doesn't hurt.


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