Tuesday, April 12, 2011

So Emo

I'm with John Cole on this one:

Sean Paul Kelley at the Agonist writes the following after an anonymous DC Insider tells him he will support the Catfood Commission:

Obama has lost my vote as well. I will not, I repeat, will not vote for him in 2012. Moreover I will actively work against him.

Can we please just cut the crap? Seriously? I will never, ever understand the need to pre-emptively go emo. If Obama proposes something bad, there will be ample time to flame it and push back.

But the need to rush out and be the first to publicly /wrist? What does this serve? What purpose? How does running around demoralizing your self and your readers serve progressive goals? What is the point of all this?

As Greg Sargent points out Obama doesn't sound like he is entirely Bowling with the Simpsons:

At the White House press briefing today, spokesman Jay Carney hinted that all the reporting out there today is wrong, and insisted Obama’s vision would not be based solely on any particular plan.

“He has said very clearly that he supports the efforts of the so-called Gang of Six and others who are addressing these challenges in a very serious way,”Carney said. “That’s a healthy, good thing, and it’s reflective of the environment that was created by the president’s fiscal commission after it reported last year...He will provide his vision tomorrow.”

I could be wrong, but that sounds to me like the White House actively doesn’t want Obama’s eventual vision to be seen as anything but his own, despite commentary to the contrary. Obama intended the fiscal commission to start a conversation, not set his final blueprint for him. “It will be his,” Carney said.

I know I've fallen for this before myself, but is there some competition of "Most Emo Progressive," that I'm unaware of? Obama has yet to say a word and the towel has been thrown in. Oh gawwwww why?!! Medicare is done! Medicaid RIP! Pour a 40 oz for Social Security!

Yes, part of being a liberal in America is being cynical (it's a given) however, this is almost the Left's version of the often played out "always the victim" of the Right. Play the Snow Patrol now!

Liberals could come up with a plan of their own. I've read somewhere that the idea had been floated about...we could also listen to what Obama has to say AND as in most cases he'll probably concede something (WE HATE IT! SELL OUT! PRIMARY!) yet it won't be as awful as many have preemptively lamented about.

As Booman points out, we have a Structural Disadvantage

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Anonymous said...

"is there some competition of "Most Emo Progressive"

Good question, if there isn't there should. The competition would be fierce, and funny. We all need a good laugh. Mike R