Thursday, February 10, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

Damn. I thought yesterday was cold. It's -Infinity out. Feet have lost all feeling at least I found my man tights. My legs aren't lifeless today, that's a plus (my lady is stating I need to be more positive). In other good news today is our Friday. The fiance has something planned for tomorrow and I have no clue what it is, HOW EXCITING! I thought it would be a chance to play with the penguins at Shedd Aquarium, but apparently they were all booked up. Oh well next time. It will still be great to hang out with the fiance and not have to drone through work like the monkey they expect me to be...oh yeah...positive, got the new James Blake and will be listening to it all day (nice accompaniment to the winter weather).

Here are your highlights:

Congressman Chris Lee resigns after Gawker breaks his embarrassing Craigslist encounter. Another principled conservative...they just can't help themselves

Twitter valuation = a lot

Chicago approves of city's response to the blizzard

UFC brains and science collide

He's way in the lead because he knows what he's doing. Rahm Emanuel are all but certain mayor

Jobless claims drop to lowest levels in almost three years. It is a good sign, not great. More can still be done and it doesn't look like the GOP cares to much to address it.


P.S. As you've probably noticed, I've started posting Google Ads. Later on there are probably going to be more of these from various agencies. I apologize if they annoy, but things are tight and I'm in need of additional income. Thank you for understanding. - Frank

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