Monday, February 14, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Monday

What a weekend! The fiance and I took off Friday, she said she had a surprise for me, so of course I was down for taking off work. So what was the surprise? A class at Chopping Block, knife skillz (as a ninja I am rather proficient with a sword, however knife skillz for the kitchen I am not as ninja like). For two hours we learned about the proper knives to use in the kitchen, techniques and best practices for cleaning knives. I must say it was a heckuva a good time. I now feel way more comfortable with my prep work for cooking and I'm not afraid to knife some vegetables no matter what they may be. Two thumbs up! We spent the rest of the weekend together making some early wedding plans and checking out local restaurants we've yet to dine at including DMK Burger, and Hearty Boys Cafe. All in all a great three day weekend! We aren't much Valentine's Day people, but we will be getting dinner tonight at Ceres' Table. Yes we're a little cheesy being newly engaged and all (let a brother be happy willya?!)

Here are your highlights:

The fobby way to take pictures

A request for honest discourse in the Middle East

Rep. Giffords is speaking and singing along to tunes

Advocating on Valetine's Day for equality

CPAC a bunch of weak posers

The budget by the Obama administration has many skeptical. It doesn't seem progressive like previous budgets. Families will be hurt, especially poor families while we still have those tax cuts...bang up job! Now it doesn't look like Republicans will let it pass anyway, but we should expect and get better


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