Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

Castle was on last night. That and I noshed on some delicious Texas & Mean Chili from Chili Mac's. Yes, it was *embarrassingly the first time I enjoyed the chili at Chili Mac's. Normally the lady and I get margs and people watch there. We honestly don't feel like eat chili in the summer, so last night seemed like a perfect time. NOM NOM NOM. I'll be coming back again and this time getting extra cheese. That was my night a double C, Chili and Castle (which was another fun filled episode and I kind of hope the bar becomes a stomping ground for the cast). This week starts getting busy today. I will try to keep my rage on point!

Here are your highlights:

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange arrested - it's now going to be Bond villain media coverage for the rest of the year that or since it involves SEX...it'll be Tiger Woods-esque

No Christmas for you Congress, DADT keeping them in

Prayers for Elizabeth Edwards

There are No Deficit Hawks in Congress

The child in me must post this, NEW DINOSAUR!

More analysis from the Tax Deal from Yglesias, Steve M comes to a similar conclusion that I did and Steven Benen reminds everyone the deal isn't done...till it's done.


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