Monday, December 6, 2010

The President Said It Himself

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Read the president's remarks.

He painted himself as the grown-up in the debate, as the one above the fray and it's a smart move. I don't agree with allowing the tax cuts to be extended longer than the unemployment benefits nor do I think the estate giveaway is good policy. However weighing everything it's better than I previously thought would be accomplished. The tax cuts for the middle class pass while the payroll tax cut is a nice new shiny object that has potential for job creation. Now all of this is of course if Lucy doesn't pull the football away...

Regardless the GOP is clearly the protectors of the rich and overtime I think this is a simpler argument to make as the economy recovers. Another element is that the self-proclaimed deficit hawks within the Republican Party look foolish. They can't claim they care about the deficit seriously with a hand out to the top 2%, the president did emphasize that. As with most presidents this debate (within two years of an election) has turned into a play for 2012 not for the now some might have hoped. It's in the now as it remedies the unemployment benefits and middle class tax cuts, however a political KO it's not. Expect more "bipartisan" and "above the fray" pragmatism not less going forward (Firebaggers heads will roll and depending on the subject I might RAGE!, but I get it, don't have to like it, but I get it).

So what's next? I await the results, but hopefully when the dust settles the logical heads will prevail. It's always pertinent to remember what's at stake and I think the Republicans might have finally overplayed their hand...speaking Frankly only.

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