Monday, November 15, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Monday

Well it was another successful and jam packed weekend. I'm honestly spent. Paddy K and I recorded the third episode of the Trans-Atlantic Throwdown. We're excited to share it. I'm hoping I'll have it posted by Wednesday. On Saturday night we went to celebrate one of my lady's bff's birthday. It was a night of dancing, debauchery and me checking my phone a lot to get updates about the Pac Monster's fight! Yes, I was checking my phone constantly and yes I was right about my prediction: speed kills (I was that guy). Luckily Pacquiao dominated the fight and was not deterred because I was unable to watch the fight (Sorry Pac Man). Regardless we had a great time, I had considerably less shots than I did last weekend and all in all good times were had. This week is going to be busy at work, busy at home and busy getting ready for the short film. We shoot on Saturday! I'll let everyone know when it drops...Redskins v. Eagles. Shanahan NOT McNabb has a lot to prove in my book.

Here are your highlights:

Tax Cuts Duh

A grumpy old man went on tv again to affirm how grumpy he is

What's wrong with our system? Lobbyists are taking efforts at financial reforms

Vying for a tough job. More jump into the Chicago mayoral race

With friends like these...

So much for "extremists on both sides" - Krugman makes a snarky comment and the right-wing interprets as truth. It's apparent that the point Krugman was making was simple; the deficit "cat food" commission isn't and shouldn't be taken serious.


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