Monday, November 1, 2010

Bill Brady a Terrible Choice for Illinois Governor

Gov. Quinn: Common sense, not nonsense from Progress Illinois on Vimeo.

Progress Illinois:

Throughout the summer and fall, Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Brady has deflected many questions about how he proposes to address Illinois' many challenges, essentially asking voters to send him to the governor's mansion on faith alone. Particularly in regards to the state's budget problems, Brady has been a black box -- no information about his proposals are allowed to seep out.

But it's not quite accurate to say we don't know what Brady would do as governor should he be elected to the post next week either. The portrait that has emerged of Brady is one of a profoundly conservative politician whose positions on a host of issues put him far outside the norm of most Illinois voters.

With Election Day literally around the corner, we offer this Brady Reader to clarify the Bloomington senator's take on the critical issues. To put it simply, Brady is the wrong candidate to lead Illinois.

Read the rest at Progress Illinois and you'll learn how Brady's economic plan would cripple Illinois. Vote Quinn tomorrow!

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