Monday, November 1, 2010

What Can Scott Brown Do For You?

Apparently facilitate your lies:

Republicans answered Obama's breakfast with Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Alexi Giannoulias and Gov. Quinn with some national star power, as well. The GOP brought in Scott Brown, the upset winner who achieved fame this year by snatching the late Democratic Sen. Kennedy's longtime Massachusetts seat.

"It's him and you against the machine," Brown told a crowded GOP rally Sunday night at Joe's Bar on Weed Street on the North Side, referring to GOP nominee Mark Kirk, who's in one of the closest Senate races in the nation.

Kirk took the podium next and drew cheers of his own. "If it can happen in Massachusetts, it's definitely gonna happen in Illinois," he said.

Mark Kirk has been nothing, but an establishment GOP member of Congress. He is not an independent. He is just like Scott Brown, a fake. As a Congressman he carried water for the Bush administrations failed policies. Ask yourself this, why would you want someone who helped create our housing and financial crisis in the Senate? Why would you want someone who voted loyally with Bush to invade Iraq? He is simply a Beta Version of Bush. No new ideas, same as he ever was.

The alternative to Kirk seems to be an easy choice.

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