Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

Yesterday was difficult. The ceremony for my aunt's brother was honorable, full of happier times and included a beautiful send off. We gathered after the ceremony at a local pub where everyone celebrated his life "Irish" style with booze, food and love. It was the way he would have liked it. Today will be tricky, anytime you miss a day of work you come back into a mess and I feel like a mess. Funny story though. Today I got off at the Davis Purple line stop and right there greeting everyone was Rep. Jan Schakowsky. I shook her hand and thanked for the job she has been doing. I also invited her to tonight's Laughing Liberally, which everyone should attend as it Matt Filipowicz's birthday comedy show! 8pm Tonight at the No Exit Cafe. It's Free like FREEDOM!!

Here are your highlights:

Taliban & Afghan government attempting to end the war?

Honest damn truth, A Memo to My People

Anyone else want to see Michael Steele live off minimum wage for a year?
That would be a fun experiment.

Hits to the head: 1,800

President Obama signs bill honoring WWII Japanese American soldiers. Long overdue. It would make Mr. Miyagi smile!


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