Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

Yesterday was rough. Nearly an hour apart the lady and I found out we had to unexpectedly attend wakes. A former co-worker's, that she was close to, father passed away of spleen complications. Our thoughts and prayers go out to both families. My aunt's brother passed away of what we believe was Lou Gherig's disease. He had recently lost the ability to talk and was unable to eat. I last saw him at a family gathering offering a wave and a smile. He had been struggling for sometime and this weekend caught pneumonia. I will be in Oak Park today for the services. Not certain if I will go into work today depending on how I feel. I don't normally go to services. I try my best not to attend wakes. It has become easier each year since high school, but I tend to mentally shut down...too many memories. I hope everyone has a blessed day. Tell someone you know you love em' or insert a Coldplay lyric into your Facebook page. See I am not so good at these things, so yeah thanks for stopping by and apologies for the sucky blogging that will ensue.

Here are your highlights:

Dems chances still bad, but looking better

Obama to install socialist solar panels

Justice Departments sues Amex, Visa & Mastercard. Karma might exist after all.

Libertarians wet dream. Firefighters watch house burn to the ground - Because of a $75 unpaid fee

Desktop Calendars for the Month of October. Forgot to post this on the first of the month, but there is some fantastic work. Fall is my favorite season of the year and it looks like we might get one this year in Chicago.


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