Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Now You Are Getting It

Sullivan is almost there:

"The Democrats have been against 'don't ask don't tell' for more than a decade. Why we allowed this law to remain in effect for another two years is beyond me," - a former adviser to President Bill Clinton, whom the WaPo, for no apparent reason, gave anonymity.

The answer is not that compex: Rahm Emanuel, Joe Solmonese, head of the Human Rights Campaign, and Barack Obama. If the Dems do not pass this in a lame duck session, or if Obama does not execute a stop-loss order to suspend the ban under his executive authority, we simply have to stop throwing money down the HRC drain, withhold all financial contributions to the DNC, and
go back to the streets.

You should have never left the streets. Although I am against the idea of refusing to fund what may be your only ally on the Hill, I am all for activism. This has been my complaint with the LGBT community from the start. Politicians aren't the path to equality, YOU are and by YOU I mean the community's desire to will change in America.

Equal rights for any minority in this country has never come from the House or the Senate. It has come from unrelenting, uncompromising and undeniable activism. Get it done by making everyone care and quit waiting for the pen stroke of a politician.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message


Steve said...

Actually, civil rights have always come from the courts recognizing changes in society that required a new interpretation of the constitution. Taking to the streets is caused by people angry with the status quo and that generally happens around the time the court changes it's mind. But I believe these are common effects of the same cause rather than one causing the other.

DADT will go away. It should go away now and if Reid has any cajones he'll call the filibuster bluff and refuse to remove the repeal from the legislation. Republicans and those ass clown Democrats who voted against cloture are not going to block the funding of the defense department. Reid holds the cards and he's from Nevada so he ought to know how to play them.

I believe that a strong fight on this and the tax cuts could save the Democrats' bacon. It would show their base that they do have something positive to offer and that they will fight. If they cave on this then it's just more the same weak sauce and they can write off the House come November.

Andrew said...

Well, Steve, I guess you were wrong.
Frank is right. We cannot just pry that politicians will do the right thing when in comes to any civil right let alone gay rights. We the people need to get off our butts and make our presence known. We need to be calling our legislatures, educating our cities through rallies and constructive means, and we need to no longer be scared to be who we are. Fear gets you nowhere.

Asian-American Pundit said...

@Steve: Without the courts people would still find a way. I believe it has less to do to with the courts and more about activism thrusting specific societal atrocities into the spotlight. The court happens to be a means to the end in our democracy. So on that I am with @Andrew.

As for Reid he has been tepid throughout and despite his words, his actions have not been enough. Politically I think you make a solid argument. Any progressive achievement at this point would position Democrats favorably in the upcoming election.

However, my main argument is that people have been depending on politicians instead of themselves for equal rights. I would like to see people forgo the headache that are the Harry Reids in this world and do something that renders pols without any choice, but to enact change.