Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Gay is all the Rage, Be Sure Who You Are Mad At

Greg Sargent:

Among gay rights advocates already frustrated by Obama’s foot-dragging on their issues, this one threatens to balloon into a new controversy:
Obama’s outside political operation is urging supporters in Maine to turn out to the polls for local elections — without making any mention in its emails of the nationally-watched anti-gay ballot initiative in the state.
Organization for America is beginning to take heat for this, but OFA officials are declining to comment in response to this blog’s inquiries.
The reason this could become a real issue for OFA is that the vote on the Maine initiative — which would repeal gay marriage — is expected to be super close. And a loss — particularly one rooted in turnout, which OFA has the capacity to boost — will result in fierce recriminations.
What’s more, tensions are already so raw because of a host of other ways gay advocates feel let down by the new president that they may be even more inclined to point a finger at OFA in the event of a loss. This one could get ugly.

The President and OFA is not who anyone should be angry at, at this point in time, look no further than Maine. Movements of any type of injustice comes from a dedicated unsettling protest to the status quo. The battle is a State issue and if the LGBT community wants to make waves across the Nation then they need look no farther than Maine and their State reps and lawmakers. This was signed by the Governor, why didn't it get done? Where were the ones dedicated to equal marriage after it was signed? When did Obama become President of only Maine? (cheeky I know)

In 2009 it is sad that this has to come to vote, that equality comes with exceptions, but the case for gay marriage is not up to the White Hosue or OFA to make. It is up to the people and those willing to make it an undeniable cause. You know there are people who still need convincing:

On the other side, Jeannette Saucier, 71, of Topsham, telephoned potential voters in hopes of stopping gay marriage. "It's not that I feel bigoted to gay people. We have gay people in my own family, but I don't see them having to be married to prove a point," she said.

John Cole at Balloon Juice is of a similar mindset as myself, You're Shooting at the Wrong People . I suggest you read it, before you get uber mad at me...

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