Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

I am exhausted and sadly I did nothing last night. I took it easy because my back is all jacked. Yes jacked. I think I pulled something in my lower back and basically am rendered useless. I am going to attempt to stretch it out tonight...we will see how that goes. Regardless I need some damn endorphins. So it's a short week! That's about all the good I got right now. Undoubtedly this weekend will be chalk full of misinformation, propaganda and melodramatic tributes to 9-11. I am just excited for the NFL season to start. I don't much care to see United 93 for the umpteenth time or hear Condi Rice recount the event in some "new fascinating" way for the umpteenth time. It would be nice if people did a story about the Pentagon once in a while. I know, I know I am bitter and annoyed about the 9-11 dot come take over of our national tragedy. It is a historical grievance of mine. At least Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin haven't hijacked it yet...oh wait.

Here are your highlights:

Facts can't trump politics in Immigration Debate
- the beginning of the Idiocracy headlines?

Today walking to school is "dangerous"

BP says we have no one to blame... I can think of a couple right off the top of my head

Good for him. Obama says he is against Bush Tax Cut Compromise

Stunning pics from an earlier era in Chicago

Embarrassed. That's what I say when people ask me about right wing extremism in America. It is as American as apple pie. The latest "Burn a Quran Day" is low even in our post 9/11 world. I feel old knowing that way back when extremists did offensive protests for the sake of being offensive it didn't receive national attention from our media.


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