Monday, September 20, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Monday

Wow. What a game. Not the type of game I expected. Not the type of ending I wanted, although I saw I hate to say I saw it coming. Leaving the Texans within 20 points with of any team is dangerous. Point in case. The Skins came out tough and offensively minded we had a great deal of success, however we had the same problem last touchdowns. Those early dominate drives that resulted only in field goals now look to be the killer in our overtime loss. Still I had a great time with my lady and old friends in the Redskins bar. FightforOldDC is a great gathering and I am ecstatic I found it. Today is an odd day. I am heading to the doctor to get my back checked out. I feel a bit better today, perhaps I just need to be excited about football to cure my ailing back...

Here are your highlights:

Joe Miller hates the unemployed, calls their benefits "unconstitutional"

Boxing Round- Up: Doug's Massive Monday Mailbag

The Changing Economics of TV Reruns

Mike Pence is stupider than stupid

The Rahm Run is almost no longer speculation

The bloody truth about the extreme rhetoric from the Republican Party. David Neiwert describes how it has seeped its way into the party of the years through an unrelenting media influence. Now it is front and center. The language is clear as crystal. This is no longer about party politics, if elected some of these extremists won't stop until they have wrecked the foundation of America all in the name of freedom. Voting in an off year election couldn't be more important.


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