Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Monday

Well I am back from a lovely weekend in Central Illinois. It wasn't as hot as I expected, but it was relaxing and just what the doctor ordered. We were able to take a couple of boat rides and while there was a breeze, just being out in the sun was perfect. My lady finally got her much earned R & R. The only negative was...we ate and ate and ate and ate. LOL. It never fails. Go on vacation eat yourself into a food coma. I feel like I gained a mini-me. I am gonna have to focus since this weekend is the beginning of the football season and lord knows I am going to be getting hammered while rooting for my Washington Redskins!

Here are your highlights:

Obama proposes $50 billion for jobs. The news cycle already destroys the possibility of it passing. Depression here we come...

The race card is b.s. Especially went it isn't being used.


It is hateful and extreme rhetoric. The Quran burning bigots are also making it less safe for our troops. SUCCESS!

Obama has fewer judges confirmed than Nixon
. When will the media report a damn word of truth about this process.....

Closing the Enthusiasm Gap. It isn't easy in an off year. It also isn't easy when there isn't much to cheer about, but if people don't get out and vote. If people don't swat away the lies and deception of the GOP. We can only expect the worse and will have no one to blame, but ourselves.


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