Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Building a Bridge to Somewhere

If you repair roads, railway and bridges you boost the economic situation. It is just that simple. The other option is dirt roads and well...not much:


If the US gets to the point where the only transportation line connecting two cities is a dirt road, the US will be in extreme trouble. And that's where the "infrastructure is not economically viable" crowd is leading the country.

I heard on the Today show today a commentator from CNBC attempting to defend the Wall St. overlords to the effect that confidence is key to recovery and Wall St. provides confidence. She then pontificated about how Main Street can't blame Wall St. I tend to disagree with such an assertion, mainly because it is full of shit.

Our government and leaders have spent more time appeasing white collar jobs and Wall St. then worrying about the middle class and viable infrastructure jobs. You want confidence? Build stuff. Pay people and then repeat. It isn't difficult. Until we forget about appeasing the Free Market Fairy and return to our foundation aka Middle-Class America, we are SOL.

No one cares about Wall St's confidence. They care about keeping their house. They are worried about paying hospital bills and feeding their kids. They care about getting through the next morning without resorting to bankruptcy. They don't care about bipartisanship or "what is politically feasible."

So spend and spend big on infrastructure. Wall St., Republicans and deficit hawks be damned otherwise confidence will be of no consequence.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message

P.S. The definition of insanity should be rewritten to "more tax cuts."

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