Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Verizogoogle is Evil, But Congress Can Save Us

Tapped's Nancy Scola:

Google and Verizon want to kick the net neutrality debate over to Congress, where they've spent many years and many dollars opening hearts and minds to their arguments. Taking their chances on the Hill is well within their rights, but the most glaring downside for them is the threat to Google's good-guy reputation. They're probably betting that most people aren't paying attention. They're probably right. Enough people probably assume that Congress and the FCC are quietly serving the public's interest in this crucial media fight -- and they still could. Just because Google and Verizon have hammered out an understanding doesn't mean that the FCC and Congress have to roll over and accept it.

I never thought my phone provider and my favorite online search engine would set out together to own the great internet monster. However, that seems to be their diabolical plan unless Congress and the FCC says "up yours." You can sign your support for net neutrality at Senator Al Franken's site here. Do it or get ready for Verizogoogle to send us back to the 56k days!

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message


Anonymous said...

BOYCOTT Google!!! Until they stop being evil, use Blink Yahoo or any other search engine but Google.

Tell all your friends. If we can bite into their volume, perhaps that will get the message across.

Advocating this on Blogger, is rather guerrilla-like too. Pass it on.

Asian-American Pundit said...

Yes, LOL, I am tied to Google with this blog, my email and many other assorted things.

So hopefully they will listen to my RAGE!