Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Quote of the Day

The oh-so-shrill Eugene Robinson (h/t Balloon Juice):

Our most dangerous enemy right now isn't Osama bin Laden, who's presumably hiding in a cave somewhere. The enemy is the poisonous narrative that jihadists use to recruit assassins and suicide bombers, and that narrative is that the United States and the West really aren't at war with just the extremists, we're at war with Islam itself. Telling a peaceful, officially sanctioned imam -- a man recruited by our government to represent our country around the world -- that he is not welcome, that his community center somehow dishonors the neighborhood in a way that, say, the strip clubs don't... This just reinforces the narrative and wins converts for jihadism. It's not just the wrong thing to do, it's a stupid thing to do in terms of our fight against terrorism.

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