Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

Yesterday was the busy sort and today looks to be much of the same. So expect more sucky blogging, apologies beforehand. The lady and I started our workouts again and let me tell you...CHICAGO HEAT CAN SUCK IT! Holy crap balls it was so humid, so hot that she and I were gasping for air on the 9th floor. Yes she has an air conditioning unit plus three solid fans, it wasn't helping and we suffered for it. I am actually looking forward to the impending rain that is forecast. I can't take it. Frank wants to workout. He does not want to go to the hospital again! Ok so plan is get a ton of PowerAde Zero and then juice my pecs. In other news American Taliban is next on the reading list.

Here are your highlights:

Eggsample of why regulation is good in a free market

If I looked up and saw this, I would be very happy TRON!


Helpful: 29 Tips for Keeping Portions Under Control

The Crazy Caucus
- what they will do is the scariest thing of all

Obama STANDS THE EFF UP, this would have been nice if he was aggressive like this his entire presidency. I know that has not been possible...still would have been interesting to see how various pieces of legislation would have unfolded. Regardless, I would prefer more direction on the economy, but pointing out to the ignorant public what the Republicans really stand for is paramount during an election year.


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