Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

It's Drinking Liberally night folks and it is a special one as it is Sterno's b-day. Sterno Happy Birthday!!! We will be drinking (well most of us), laughing and most likely raging in our liberalness, so come out to Sheffield's tonight at 7pm or later to enjoy the awesome. I should be getting there around the beginning if the lady doesn't hold me hostage (which she almost always does). In other news this weekend I will be traveling into a dark and dangerous place aka Cellular Field. Get the holy water because I might need it! The Sox are playing the Yankees and I couldn't pass up the chance to see the Yankees play once in my lifetime. I don't really like the Yankees, but it's like the seeing the Lakers, kind of cool just to say you saw them in action.

Here are your highlights:

Egg industry part of a growing problem. We need to shop local and support local farmers.

Blackwater gets off easy

"Obama is wrong because he is right. Wahhhhhhh" - Shorter Mark Halperin and GOP as they try to destroy Social Security

Gators in Chicago

Who is this Tao Lin you speak of? Hipster author gaining hype...I might read him after reading this article.

Hangover Theory at the Fed. I am not an economist, so let me put this simply. Dear Fed, You are screwing up royally. The unemployed are people not statistics. Our nation is made up of people, real people with homes, families and expenses. Do something. Perhaps anything, but don't willfully lead us into a Lost Decade because you can't admit you are fucking wrong. That's all.


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Steve said...

Thanks for the birthday shout out comrade!