Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

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I will be all over the map as I was yesterday, luckily it is recess time and not much is "going on." I have currently been reading Justin Kreb's 538 Ways book and thus far I am wayyyyyyyy liberal. So liberal my feet are blue! The book itself is a fun read that offers insightful ideas to live like a liberal. I am one that didn't grow up believing liberal was a bad word although progressive comes off the tongue ever so easier. The book also has been a table talker for lady and me and we now make an effort to go to the local farmers market as well as re-use grocery bags often. What I am saying is, it really isn't that hard being just a little green.

Here are your highlights:

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You could always do something

Every time I think Obama isn't doing all that I would prefer, John McCain comes in a reminds me how bad it could have been.

Judicial Activism for Me, But Not for Thee

Don't take the Wall Street Journal seriously

Robert Gibbs the latest to Hippie Punch. I quite liked Gibbs during the campaign and since it is from the Hill I am skeptical, however the quotes alone show how out of touch the mainstream is with the "left." If any of it is true, fuck him and anybody who wants to hippie punch. We have real problems and the only thing that is going to save the Dems from losing every seat in the House is going to be the "crazy liberals."


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