Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

I missed a day! Holy moly I missed a day of INSANITY!!! My normal routine this past month or so has been wake up early, eat, go to work, come back from work and do my workout. Last night threw a wrench in that process, I had to pick up my Redskins tickets from the far reaches of Madison Avenue! No really. Hillsdale, IL where back behind a windy road, hidden amongst trees and next door neighbor to the Shire is a Fed Ex location. Fugging awful. I didn't get back till 9:30pm at which point it was lights out Frank. So I missed a workout which means I HAVE MY SKINS TIX, but I am behind a day...the plan...I am going to do the unthinkable and skip the recovery day or add it as a night workout. Yes I am that INSANE one day two workouts!! We will see, but the great part is although I feel less accomplishment having not worked out two days in a row. I FEEL less accomplishment having NOT worked out TWO days in a row. I am already a changed man and that was the whole point of this journey. Hail to the Redskins!

Here are your highlights:

The Next Terrorist to attack New York will have Blue Eyes

I commute to work and sometimes I drive to places, China has figured it out. Buses that drive OVER cars.

Bond Market Deficit Cheerleaders

More of this please! Obama "GOP Betting on Amnesia"

Steven Chu gets his own t-shirt

Want a glimpse into the what will happen if the GOP wins the House? Nativistism and xenophobia running wild! Why don't people understand the modern GOP will send every brown, yellow, fuchsia, turquoise and in between "back to where they came from." Followed up by years of investigating if Obama is an under or over toilet paper guy. If you thought the Clinton years were bad, just you wait or do something about it.


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