Thursday, August 19, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

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All right so it's a ragetastic day. Woke up everything was fine and then the lady turns on the teevve, who do I see? Rudy Guiliaaani (he is so lucky his name doesn't include any "s's" with that lisp of his) RUDY?!! REALLY??!! And of course he is bashing Obama, bashing Democrats, hating Muslims, gays and whatever. Frank does not like waking up like that. Nonsense on top of nonsense after ignorant statement after ignorant statement. What in this world do you have to do to be discredited? RAAAAGE!!! (Frank gets up drinks a whole bottle of gin and flips off the skies as he runs down the streets of Chicago bashing his head against Range Rovers). In other news, it's almost Friday, so that's good.

Here are your highlights:

Last U.S. Combat Troops Leave Iraq

Howard Dean you lost me at "I am an irrational moron"

The Republican Intellectuals are foaming at their mouths

This is how you effing grill bitches!!

Inside the jury of the Blago Trial

It has come clear to me if you factor in the tweets of a former governor, the media tropes, the reality shows, the random facebook messages as gospel, the teabaggers, the Fox News non-news, town halls to rallies...our nation is an Idiot Nation and it's just getting worse by the day.


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