Monday, August 16, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Monday

The last week of Insanity and boy am I excited! It has been a long fought battle, but the lady and I will have won the war!!! You will never take my Ransom Gin SHAUN T!!! I will share the final results on this here thing once we are done. To be honest, I wasn't too disciplined with taking my measurements or weight week to week. I felt it would get me obsessed with the wrong results. I can say, my waist is smaller, my shoulders are getting defined and I may or may not have an ab. Yesh, just one. This weekend I survived the IKEA MONSTER, barely and the lady was kind of enough to beat me with a hammer while we put together her new bar. Not gonna lie it was awesome. Hope everyone else had a chipper weekend.

Here are your highlights:

Obama does the right thing
and tells everyone we have a Constitution that allows FREEDOM of religion

Redskins Preseason began on the right foot. Hail to the Redskins!

Pakistan devastated by floods

Chicago Tribune still wants to dismantle the CTA. Missing fact from this piece, Chicago drivers in general suck, they are god awful. It is not a phenomena of the CTA alone.

Congrats to Aarti, the Next Foodnetwork Star

Even General Petraeus thinks Bush/Cheney suck

It seems we are ready and willing to accept the Double Dip. Perhaps the great leaders, those that bless us and let us live could explain why they are always wrong and we should still listen to them. Alas I fear it's a sadomasochist thing...that or they are just stupid. I am tired of calling it a "different point of view" or "contrasting approach", austerity at this point is simply self-destructive.


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