Friday, August 27, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Friday

Chicago you tricked me. Yesterday was a glimpse into fall. I wore khakis and enjoyed a walk around "downtown" Evanston. There was a crisp breeze, not as many bugs and the lady and I ended the evening with sushi...outside. Yes it was a lovely time, but today you had to smack me in the face with humidity and a forecast of three days of omnipresent heat. I get that you aren't ready to say goodbye to the Summer, either am I, but MAKE UP YOUR DAMN MIND. Ok rant over. Tonight, nothing much going on. Saturday my first time going to shoot hoops in two months and Sox game at night. I am hoping to also catch the UFC fight. Not that I think it will be an entertaining card, but haven't done that sort of thing since May. I fiend for fight night.

Here are your highlights:

Fox News...Who's gay?

Blago holdout finally speaks out and explains her reasoning

Clinton Years Redux get ready for Chicagogate, Giodarnosgate, Wrigleygate and Guiltyofbeingblackgate

What's the state of the eocnomy? Not all that great

Even Beck can't mar MLK's legacy

Two things that the Obama administration has been baffling about, civil liberties and the environment. It's as if they have conceded the other side already won. The latest news is that the administration is siding with polluters, wtf?


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