Thursday, August 26, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

Man oh man did I wake up confused. I thought this weekend was Labor Day weekend for a moment and got super excited to go boating and have a three day weekend. Nope. Joy no more. It's always disappointing to find out you aren't going boating when you think for a second you other news it is getting cooler out in Chicago! I am actually wearing khakis today and it seems so foreign. I am hoping this will be there year Chicago has a true fall instead of jumping right into frigid winter. FML. I don't even want to think about winter. P.S. Dear Jackass on Facebook, I don't ever want to know Christmas is only x amount of months away. Suck it.

Here are your highlights:

The Government Can Track You

This is cool. CTA riders may soon pay for fares using their cell phones.

What America leaves behind in Iraq

Glenn Beck's real plan is to destroy the Martin Luther King Jr. legacy and the media are gladly playing fiddle

The stem cell ruling and what it may mean

Dude you've been shot

The ongoing BRIGHT AS DAYLIGHT issue with the media, Dems and the Whitehouse...they have been trying to compromise with extremists who have zero desire for compromise. They want a cleansing of sorts, so that their mythical Christian nation can come to pass.


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