Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

Wooha! I got it all in check! Well I am on week four of Insanity and let me tell you, despite some lapses in my diet (had a friend in town, of course I drank) I feel great. I have gone down a size in my pants already, my face seems to be trimmer and overall I think I made a great decision. Now there are the drawbacks; constant soreness, eating sand and going to bed super early, however it is worth it. In other news we are heading to Central Illinois this weekend and this time I am taking Lil Sis Frank as well. Should be a happening time as she will get to experience the BOAT!

Here are your highlights:

Dems do have a strategy
. Doubt it is enough.


Justice perhaps might be happening in New Orleans

Pelosi still gets it

Ktown, the reality series. MTV attempting to extend the Jersey Shore formula. Not going to lie, this makes me die inside just a little bit.

There should be consequences for Economic Know-Nothings like the modern GOP

The NAACP and the Right - Separate and Unequal. On Twitter last night I was, for once, surprised of how vile the stream coming from Michelle Malkin was in regard to this matter. Supporting the statement that the NAACP is the "Ku-Klux Klan with a Tan" is all you really need to know about the Right and the Teabaggers. They are ignorant and embrace it wholeheartedly. And if it's not the racism they allow at their rallies, they certainly are extreme, that is factually undeniable.


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Anonymous said...

Did you know they have a free Mehserle Facebook page and plan on holding a rally for his release?