Monday, July 26, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Monday

I have no desire to do anything today. It is Monday and Monday's have become such a dreadful experience at work lately, that I have considered taking vacation days each Monday of every month. This, of course, would backfire as I do not have enough vacation days and it would just lend itself to more chaos on Tuesdays. Aye there is the rub. This weekend was a success! The lady and me dredged through copious amounts of suburbanites and survived. We also purchased some much needed items (cologne and such) and a gift for Lil Sis Frank. We enjoyed the Frozen Sangria mixed with Frozen Margarita at the Avenue Ale House in Oak Park while treating ourselves to some decadent fried veggies, a shrimp salad and a BISON BURGER. Our stomachs have certainly shrunk, so we had plenty of leftovers. Today we start INSANITY MAX. It looks to be just as difficult as it sounds.

Here are your highlights:

Lt. Dan Choi gives Harry Reid his West Point ring. Asks for action and less talk on DADT. We need more people like Lt. Dan Choi.

Krugman: Who Cooked the Earth?

Bush Tax Cuts getting the CUT or so it seems. Not sure about this, but I think Ben Nelson really, really really cares about the rich, last time I checked...

Motorcycle helmets, Safety Second Novelty First

Enough Right-Wing Propaganda

Wikileaks has struck again. This time by releasing thousands of documents from the War in Afghanistan. I am not sure if they offer anything we didn't already know, but Adam Serwer provides sound analysis regarding the issue.


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