Friday, July 23, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Friday

It is Friday. Thank the Lord or Jeebus or Allah or whoever. This week has felt rather long. Not sure why as I was busy, but it felt strung out and long winded. This weekend the lady and I have plans to be uber domestic. We are heading to the Oak Park area, she is going to get her shopping fix in, we will say hello to my extended family and then share some sweet Sangria. The idea is to get away from the city and enjoy each others company since most of the summer we have been with friends and family. Not like that is a bad thing, but apparently the lady likes me and wants to just hang out with this guy. WINNER! We start the next INSANITY workout on Monday. MAX EVERYTHING!! Looking forward to it as this recovery week has left me wanting. What plans do ya'll got? Yes I said ya'll!

Here are your highlights:

Is there anything Mark Kirk says that isn't a fabrication?

The Senate has priorities, WAR over domestic assistance

Climate Bill is dead and the reality is the problems that face planet Earth are not

- the latest in Faux News fear mongering

A Helpful Suggestion, "Tax Cuts for 98% of the people just not the top 2%" Sounds like a winning message to me...Dems...are you listening?

I think I am going to start writing about food more. I have fallen in love with cooking and making new dishes at home, so it makes sense. One of my inspiration for this added category of writing is Chicago Bites and great "foodie" blog who had the amazing experience of touring Rick Bayless' Garden recently.


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