Thursday, May 20, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

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Well it looks like the lady and I will be getting away for the weekend. We are planning on visiting her newborn niece and nephew (her brothers' wives had babies). It will be nice to get to see them and you know not be in Chicago for a weekend. Plus I am almost certain to enjoy her mother's coffee cake. IT IS AWESOME. In other news, I was major sick this morning and couldn't figure out why. Then it dawned on me...I took a pill this morning on an empty stomach. Ughhhh. Worst feeling ever. Luckily I had a granola bar in my backpack and there was no blowing chunks on the CTA. Crisis averted.

Here are your highlights:

Scientists 100,000 Gallons a day
. The BP Oil Spill the media networks want to paint BP as the good guy.

Don't Ask Don't Tell. Pelosi goes bold.

Sign this petition against the Arizona Law

This concerns me. AG in in PA going after critic from Twitter. He is trying to find out who is criticizing him from an anonymous...


Rand Paul not so sure about Civil Rights, but he loves Freedom Taxes. I have said this once and will say it again. Rand Paul is proof positive of an increasingly troubling trend of uninformed candidates that lean toward right wing extremism in the Republican Party. It is not looking to improve anytime soon.


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