Monday, April 5, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Monday

Are you kidding me? Yes there was Easter this weekend and it was great. The lady's family always is welcoming and we had some amazing grub. Now onto the amazing news! Donovan McNabb! I am still shocked by this move, I still am scratching my head, but welcome to the nation's capital Donovan. I am not going to look at any negatives about this move until the season starts as for now I am ecstatic. This shows a renewed sense of commitment to making the Redskins a playoff caliber team. It is also to me shows they might do the right thing and draft an offensive lineman. Maybe they will draft a QB, but wait till the second round? Regardless, I can't wait till Donovan goes head to head with his old team and hopefully he will tear it up Favre style. On another note, anybody want Skins tickets? I live in Chicago, so I can't make to all the games...and I know you are eager to see McNabb in the burgundy and gold. I got them, let me know!!

Here are your highlights:

State gubbament might be the problem when it comes to the Affordable Health Care Act

WTF, East High still the Orientals?

Corey Booker something to be proud of

Dangerous lady fingers...not gonna mess with this Jedi

The wars that shouldn't have been

Alan Greenspan: Still not a Mensch

Win of the Weekend: President Obama is "black". LOL the best interpretation of the no issue here and how silly our world really is sometimes.


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