Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tired of Hearing It

I haven't been able to post much today, but between reading Twitter, Facebook and now Eric Cantor's whimpering I am sick and tired of the Republican Party not accepting responsibility. No, I do not think the Republican party needs to apologize for every right wing nut, however there is a direct correlation between their incendiary rhetoric and the aggression that has been hurled toward members of the Democratic party. They have brought up death panels, bankrupting our children, stealing of our country, government takeover, putting people in cross hairs, and the loss of freedom. Exaggerated speech, after exaggerated speech followed by inconceivable hints of revolutionary warfare by the likes of Rep. Steven King of Iowa. The both sides do it argument does not apply here.

My lady and I were witness to the vitriol nature of the Tea Parties last August in Columbus, OH. I know first hand who attended the rallies, what they are capable of and what kind of intimidation tactics they are willing to propagate. There is nothing over this past year or during the election that comes close to the Tax Tea Party on the Left or in the Democratic Party.

There needs to be a change in the Republican party soon and it doesn't begin with false equivalencies. It begins from within and finally being the party that says "no" to the fringe elements in their party instead of "yes" to hate. This is how a lone wolf finds a pack. This is how an insane recluse individual finds justification for lunatic fantasies. It has to stop. If not now, then when? When will it be enough?

As Oliver Willis says "They'll own the first body."

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message

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