Monday, August 3, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Monday

Holy Christ on a bike what a weekend! So the lady and I went to a wonderful wedding of two close friends and were surprised to find a Columbus, OH Tax Tea Baggin' Party. YIKES! To summarize some of my favorite signs "Obama is a Kenyan", "Abortion is Murder" (on a tee shirt of a 12 year old child with a scope mind you), "I choose Freedom over Health Care", and car equipped with a speaker system and tons of pictures of dead fetuses, a Hitler poster next to a Dr. Tiller poster comparing the two...needless to say RIGHT WING EXTREME! On a real note my lady was rather nervous for our safety as the looks and glares at the biracial couple walking by intimidated her greatly. A young boy holding an anti-Obama poster pointed at me most likely to spout something his daddy never meant for him to say out loud like "look at how great they look together." *sigh When will people realize that robots are much scarier than Obama, check out the video people!!

Here are your highlights:

Wall St. Sucks by Paul Krugman

All those Red States....I mean all THOSE BLUE STATE BOOM BABY!

Winger Strategy: What Hispanics and Latinos?

John McCain still hates Obama and we wonder when people will start realizing he has no orignial thoughts and has become useless to his State

Illinois is like me, they can't pay their bills

MSNBC and Fox one big happy family of holy crap what happened to the cable news networks!

We have a new guest blogger who also has his own blog, enjoy A Moveable Feasta


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