Thursday, March 4, 2010

Texas is Really Effed Up

Meet Texas 22nd Congressional District Larouche "Demoratic" Candidate Kesha Rogers...I don't get this. The statement from her spokesperson is certifiably insane, here is an excerpt:

The victory in the 22nd Congressional District yesterday by LaRouche Democrat Kesha Rogers sent an unmistakable message to the White House, and its British imperial controllers: Your days are numbered. Kesha's campaign hit relentlessly at a single theme, that President Obama must go, that his attacks on this nation – with his dismantling of the manned space program, his efforts to ram through a fascist, killer “health care” policy, his endless bailouts for Wall Street swindlers, while demanding budget cuts which will increase the death rates among the poor, the sick, the elderly and the unemployed – are not acceptable, and will not be tolerated.

WTF?! I ate glue as a child and never even once came up with shit this distorted. Did Rorschach writes this? What does it even mean? I am aware of the LaRouche movement, if you can call it that, there is a small group in Chicago that tried to hand me a flier with Obama as Hitler, but when I was surprised to know they could run as Democrats! Texas you have out weirded the weirdest. And Kesha Rogers you are one crazy, deranged...Congressional candidate.

(h/t Booman)

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