Friday, March 5, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Friday

Blackest fuggin Night. Thanks to a buddy of mine I finally have it in my hands issues 1-7 and I can't wait to jump in. Geoff Johns has yet to steer me wrong, so I am pumped! Excited! Loud noises! The lady and I had a great anniversary dinner last night. Although we were disappointed with the margs. What's with the banana flavor Caesar? Seriously I have been a loyal fan for quite some time, however if this continues I might just have to go BYOB on your ass. You hear me!?! (insert more rage here). So this weekend I am back at the performing thing. Took a little time off. Winter sucks for shows. If you want deets hit me up!

Here are your highlights:

Chicago Bears are starting the free agency market off blazing

Students are fed up in California, Protest!

What are they thinking? The Obama administration is thinking of reversing on civilian trials and it is absolutely unacceptable. This is just politically weak and good ole fashioned Dem cowardice.

Party! Vader Disco Ball

Negotiating with Stupak....

Atrios, the Ninja Thought I wish I wrote

Greenwalled: There is a reason why I have a specific category for Glenn Greenwald. Recently he has been on a tear and he might be the last sane loud person we have left. Who is actually crazy? & The full scale collapse


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