Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Massa's Story Gets More Odd

With each reports, full of anonymous sources, the resigning of Rep. Eric Massa gets weirder and weirder. Before it was a battle with cancer, then onto well "I said sailor stuff", to "I touched a guy's hair and made an off color joke" and now the latest is that he was groping staffers.


The Washington Post cites three anonymous sources who say that former Rep. Eric Massa has been under investigation for allegedly groping multiple male staffers over a period of "at least a year."

And Politico is reporting that Massa also allegedly "conducted himself improperly with interns."

If true, the new reports would belie Massa's claim that the allegations against him involved an incident at a New Year's Eve wedding party when he made an off-color remark to a male staffer, whose hair Massa says he tousled.

Massa himself on Sunday talked about at least one previous allegation of sexual misconduct from his Navy days.

On top of all of this he was granted an interview with Glenn Beck because he talked about Rahm Emanuel in the shower which of course means fascism, socialist, ACORN takeover...we live in a world so comically perverse it is hard to keep up.

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