Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

Got to work today. The power was out. It looked like a scene from Die Hard. I walked into the office hands held high hoping to get a free afternoon, alas didn't happen. So the next best thing is posting this Dunkin and working my butt off. Hooray!! Last night was a lovely and at times a heated Drinking Liberally. As always it ended with bumps of the glasses. Must say we are probably the smartest people in the world and the country would be much better if it would just listen to us. (insert shrug of shoulders here) What can I say? We Rock!

Here are your highlights:

Quinn's Budget
: CUTS, borrowing and no word on a tax increase. Brilliant!

More Republicans "acting in good faith" Sen. Corker pocketed by the payday loaners

Congrats to the D.C. same sex couples who got hitched

One prayer I wish God won't hear, is this one

Careful what you wish for...the House Dems show who really is spineless and here is a hint, it's not Obama

For you hippies, Google is adding Bike Routes. There are you satisfied? Will you now follow the normal rules of the street? Will you not zoom by and try to hit people in your paper boy rage? Thanks bunches!


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